Staff Profiles


Caroline Karu - General Manager

Life in Iwi radio isn't easy, with deadlines to meet and staff to manage. But Caroline keeps us all moving forward using nothing but; patience; a happy smile; and, a really big stick!! Contact Caroline!

 Rino Wilkinson - Programme Director

Rino is as Paeroa as L&P - he's lived here his entire life! He's been at Nga Iwi FM longer than anyone else so it's no surprise Rino can tell you a few stories. He's also been on Breakfast for as long as anyone can remember and is one of the most genuine down to earth Hauraki boys you will ever meet. He loves his sports, his Whānau and enjoying his spare time with his moko. Email Rino

Kitt Walters - Administrator

The glue that binds Nga Iwi FM together! Kitt has been part of Te Whanau o Nga Iwi FM for the best part of 10 years, yet she's still only 21!! Kitt's our all-round station superstar! If you need to send in a Panui, want to talk about advertising, schedules, accounts just ask. But if you're gonna talk about rugby league then make sure you have  an hour or two set aside first. Contact Kitt!